3 Tips for Managing Social Media for Small Businesses

We all have had it ingrained into our heads that social media is a must-do for any business that hopes to have a shot at winning their niche. Not only is it where all the people are, it may well have an impact on how well your site pages rank, and also be a consistent platform for traffic and advertising.

Since we all know that, let's concentrate on what it will take to start making this a reality on your small business, and sooner rather than later!

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3 Strategies of managing Social Media for Small Businesses

#1 – Lay out a social media strategy

Decide on a goal for your social media strategy from the outset, as it will make it far more achievable and real to team members as you pursue it. Regardless of whether you intend to generate leads, engage with prospects or advertise, lay this out and then look at all the possible social platforms that might work for you. Not all of them will be a good fit.

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#2 – Eliminate the bad fits

There is no sense trying to use a platform if the demographic and content shared there is of no use to your or your audience. Using Pinterest for example, which is heavily skewed to a female audience may or may not be a good fit for your small business. Once you've whittled down the sites that are less than good fits, go with what's left.

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#3 – Consistency is key

One of the main reasons social media works well for businesses is that they commit to engaging in it. Posting once in a blue moon will draw a big yawn from social media, and no one will care or come around. Once you commit, post frequently with awesome value and honest intent.

Once you've laid the groundwork for a successful social media initiative, you can start to cultivate and build the type of following that will not only look forward to hearing from you, but will gladly help you spread the word.