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Local Display Advertising That Builds Awareness to Your Brand

Advanced Banner Ad Display

Get custom banners with advanced creative designs which leverage modern rich media features and cool ad formats such as in-banner video, full screen video takeover and user interactivity.

Audience Targeting

Depending on your specific online marketing needs, we can deliver insights and solutions that drive your brand's message to desired audiences with increasing frequency and effectiveness.

Geographic Targeting

Best Web Marketer's geographic targeting can reach local audiences with compelling advertisements making online display advertising possible and profitable for local advertisers.

Detailed Tracking and Reporting

We supply transparent reports which provide visibility into the ad placements by website, geography, demographic statistics, viewer engagement, and retargeting.

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Best Web Marketer on Display Advertising

Best Web Marketer is an industry leader in providing businesses of any size with powerful tools and research to effectively and efficiently target the specific demographic and geographic traits that define their customers. Our online media platform places rich digital advertisements on the world's most recognized networks like ESPN, Facebook, Food Network, CNN, Forbes, People, and Rolling Stone. With stunning creative, access to local customers, and 100% client satisfaction, Best Web Marketer works with you every step of the way to maximize your advertising budget and fully optimize your online marketing campaign.

3 Keys To Successful Online Lead Generation for Local Businesses

Discover the three keys to generate leads for your business and learn how to ensure a successful campaign.

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All The Right Things

At Best Web Marketer, our passion for online display is fueled by our understanding of today's advertising reality: cutting edge audience targeting technology has changed the landscape of local advertising. We offer businesses of all sizes the ability to efficiently engage with their preferred customers through  high-impact, visual message.

How It Works?

1. Adding Information to Platform

Your Internet Marketing Consultant enters your campaign information into our platform, including your display ads, budgets, and other details like geographic, contextual, and behavioral targeting.

2. Campaign Review

The campaign is reviewed by our editorial team to ensure quality control and accuracy.

3. Delivering Campaign to Partners

After the campaign is finalized and provisioned, our technology delivers all your campaign details and ads to our extensive network of partners.

4. Monitoring and Recording of Results

Through our API, we continually monitor and record your results from across our display network to track the performance of your campaign.

5. Optimization of Campaign Based on Data

Leveraging our engagement optimization technology, we regularly update your campaign based on this data to provide optimized performance for your budget.

6. Detailed Reporting

We aggregate all of your campaign performance details (from exchanges and networks) and present detailed reports in our platform to show you clicks, impressions, CPM, and spend.

7 Mistakes Most Local Business Are Making With Their Advertising

Uncover the secret technique top online marketers & small businesses are using.

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