Getting Traffic to your Business Blog

If you've started a blog for your small business, you know the worst thing that can happen is that no one reads it. After all, that kinda defeats the purpose, am I right?

Done properly, a business blog can have a multi-faceted benefit to your business. It can not just bring you new customers, it can help shape and define your brand, establish authority, amplify search rankings, enable social sharing and so much more.

Yet if this is taken up haphazardly, or worse yet, indifferently, you're going to be preaching to the choir, and wondering why you started this dumb blog in the first place.

One the best ways we know of to start building a blog audience is with the use of paid ads. This doesn't need to cost you an arm and a leg, and it can bring about great results if you give it a little time. Here are 5 recommendations for buying that traffic.

5 best paid advertising services for your blog

#1 – Outbrain


These text ads run on major websites like, ESPN, FOXNews and others, and can get a far different set of eyeballs than what you might be seeing. Not to mention that these sites get massive traffic in the first place! Check Outbrain here.

#2 – Facebook Ads

Maybe the best paid traffic opportunity available today, mainly for the capability to precisely target your audience while not spending a fortune. Their audience insights tool alone is worth the price of admission!

#3 – Google Adwords

The granddaddy of paid ads is still kicking, and can be useful mainly for their vast reach in online advertising. Care should be taken here not to get taken to the cleaners, however.

#4 – LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

This can be especially suitable for your blog post if you cater to professionals in any sense. These ads are taken more seriously than most, and are a bit more expensive, even so the nice thing is that there's an eager audience awaiting your great content. Check it out here.

#5 – Pinterest Promoted Pins

While still asking you to get on a waiting list, once you're in you will discover a lot of engaged people who love to interact. The demographic of Pinterest is primarily female, so if your product or service is visual and applies to women, go for it! Know more about Promoted Pins here.

#6 – BWM Local

Last but not the least, our very own BWM Local. It's a local display advertising offered by Best Web Marketer. Our online media platform places rich digital advertisements on the world’s most recognized networks like ESPN, Facebook, Food Network, CNN, Forbes, People, and Rolling Stone. Check out our own video below.