Why You Need to be Using Online Coupons

We hope you haven't made the mistake of thinking that online coupons are no longer a viable method to use in your marketing mix, because you could be making a costly mistake!

There are more sources now to access, and consumers have gotten used to looking and searching coupons for the best available deals. What was once an afterthought or a novel idea has become business as usual.

Not only that, but now that the kinks in offering and redeeming online coupons have been largely worked out, there are many more access points than ever. Let's take a look at 7 places it would be wise to consider advertising with coupons.

7 Places to place your coupon offers

Valpak – You've most likely gotten his one directly in your mailbox. The familiar blue envelope filed with local coupon offers. Valpak has gained the public trust, and are routinely used.

Red Plum – This company has several different ways of reaching the consumer, using offline direct mail, online offers, and the form in which you're most likely to have seen them before, as a coupon circular in your Sunday newspaper.

Groupon – The first of the big online couponing sites, Groupon has become a trusted behemoth in the couponing sector, offering many daily deals and other offers.

Living Social – Another site like Groupon, they specialize in daily deals, yet have tons of offers in many different areas.

Yelp for Business – Lest you think Yelp is only a place where you'd like to get some reviews and citations on, Yelp for Business offers you the ability to offer coupons to customers who may have just read one of those glowing reviews. Not a bad time to make an offer, wouldn't you say? Yelp is also a tad less pricey that Groupon or Living Social.

RetailMeNot – A leader in this space, RetailMeNot is the largest digital coupon site in the U.S. offering more than half a million coupons at any given time. While many think this is an venue for only large vendors, there are lots of small businesses as well.

Your email newsletter – If you have an email list and you're not mailing coupons exclusively for people who are already warm to you, you're really missing out! This is a great way to enhance customer loyalty and repeat purchases, not to mention significantly improving your email open rates.