Website Design Trends That Wins Customers This 2015

If you are due for a refresh or a complete redesign for your site, it's a great idea to have an idea not only what's considered new and exciting in website design, but also what simply works better technologically.

For 2015 there are some holdovers, and also a lot of evolvers, as what we are able to do technologically catches up with the ideas. An example would be how the concept of Flat Design evolved into Material Design.

Let's take a look at what's trending for website design in 2015.

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5 Hottest website design trends for 2015

1. Responsive design

While this may be viewed as an old trend, the truth is that it's now become the norm, and what's more, with Google announcing that on April 21st, 2105 they will begin penalizing sites that aren't mobile optimized in the search results there is a great incentive.

2. Huge images

Having large, evocative images adorn our pages has never been easier to do. With better bandwidth availability and image compression it doesn't have to slow your pages loads down. This is making the visual component of your pages so much more interesting!

3. Choose scrolling over clicking

The trend toward longer pages, especially in mobile, continues to make inroads. Eliminating the need for the user to constantly click away to find the content they want makes for a better experience, decreases page load time, and encourages interaction.

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4. Creative typography

The availability and usefulness of fonts for web design is ever expanding, and will lead to a richer, more vibrant feel to your pages. Where you once had to shell out the big bucks for a custom font, the advent of resources like Google Fonts (free) are making this a reality.

5. Semi-flat design

While flat design has been around for a few years, it looks as if it has now evolved into what Google is calling “material design”. It's a blending of flat design with subtle gradients, layers and even animation to achieve an “almost” flat design with flair.