The Basics of Landing Page Optimization

Regardless of whether the goal of your landing pages is to sell a product, or just collect an opt-in email address, the importance of landing page optimization cannot be over emphasized. However this component of the sales process has become the forgotten stepchild of marketing. Marketers go to extremes to make certain their site and blogs are optimized to the hilt, but will they pay the same attention to their money making pages?

The answer is if they're smart, they will.

There are some particular best practices you'll want to make sure you are following to get the best results you can. Let's have a look at 5 of these, and see if you can improve the performance of your landing pages!

Discover The Basics of Landing Page Optimization

Responsive design – Since today's traffic is more than 50% mobile, this can make a big difference in how well your landing page converts. If your offer doesn't render well, or worse doesn't load at all, you've lost before you've begun. Make sure your pages are mobile ready.

Write great headlines – This is your first, and perhaps only chance to hook your visitors into reading on and absorbing your offer. Studies are showing that you have something south of 5 seconds to make this connection, or they are out of there. Study how to create awesome headlines, and test several.

Create crystal-clear Calls to Action – Leave no question about what you want your readers to do. Not only lead them there; tell them precisely! Buy Now! Click Here! Download your free report! Don't leave your intentions or their next step to their imagination.

Use social proof – People are fond of following the crowd, so if you have testimonials, reviews or product endorsements you should find a way to get some of these in front of your audience. Your conversions will improve if you do.

Test – Simple A/B testing can do as much for your conversion rates as all else combined. Be bloody-minded about this, and put your best foot forward. Don't be afraid to get rid of that clever headline you thought would rock, but testing doesn't agree with you. Numbers don't lie!