Can you name the most under the radar site around for blogging, visual content, SEO and social media? Any ideas?

Take Advantage Of Tumblr For Business - Read These 3 Tips

Tumblr is a blog platform that is amazingly useful for visual content. You are able to customize your own blog easily and integrate sharing to your other social media channels effortlessly.

Most marketers have seen Tumblr only as an afterthought, focusing only on the big five of social media, Facebook Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. Tumblr is a uniquely positioned platform with a decidedly young and hip demographic. It is huge with respect to visual content; it practically invented the wholesale use of memes. The blog is simple to set up and very customizable. Let's consider a few ways you can market your business with Tumblr.

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3 ways to market using Tumblr for Business

1.) Know what your audience loves and give it to them

Before you say “Duh”, remember that this demographic may be a tad younger than most and is certainly more tech savvy. Endeavor to express your business message in a more bold, fresh way that may seem even edgy to you, but mat well resonate better with a Tumblr crowd.

2.) Use your own memes

Tumblr is a visual content powerhouse, and creating innovative memes that deliver a bold message can do well for you here. Intersperse this with regular posts and you'll find they'll become more popular as well. The age demographic on Tumblr is youngish, and these folks love their visuals.

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3.) Integrate your account with your existing social channels

Along with building a following on Tumblr, you'll also want to be sure to link to your Tumblr blog from all your other social media channels, and ultimately develop a system for cross-promotion here to bring even more people around. Tumblr is a seriously overlooked social platform.

Creating a smart looking Tumblr blog that shows off your brand's best side is a killer way to reach a younger crowd that loves nothing as much as sharing cool content they find on the Web. Here's hoping some of that is yours!