Competitors are stealing your ad budget!

Find out how to stop them

Every day bots and unethical businesses (including your competitors) click Google ads to waste your money and destroy your results.


Click Fraud Is Everywhere

Adweek reports 46% of ad spend is suspicious. In our own client Adwords accounts, Google themselves identify 10.5% of clicks as “invalid” and potntially fraudulent. Unfortunately Google, don’t identify low level fraud where your competitors are clicking on your ads each day from their office. That’s where we come in – our speciality is identifying and stopping your competitors stealing your ad budget and destroying your results.

Bots Are Spying On You

Spyfu, SEMRush, Keyword Spy all scan your ads and harvest your strategy. This exposes your best strategies and offers to your competitors, all neatly packaged for them to copy and clone. Not with Shield – we know where the spy bots live and we keep them out of your campaign so your secrets stay just that way – secret.

You Can Stop Them

To stop them – you need to find them. Only we can. Our unique competitor detection technology allows us to find and stop your competitors faster than any other system. What’s more as soon as we find them we block them from within your Adwords account so you don’t have to do anything.

Protect your spend. Locate the budget thieves now!

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