How to Scale Content Marketing with a 1-Person Team

We all know the buzz surrounding content marketing to help search rankings, receive direct traffic, links and more. There's no question about the usefulness and advantages of this marketing method, and one would ignore this avenue at their own peril.

It's difficult enough when you have a team of writers and marketers devoted to crafting and publishing content all over the many platforms that comprise the content marketing universe, but to be left to accomplish this all on your own is a truly daunting prospect.

Let me assure you that there is a way, and it's not as overwhelming as it might appear on the surface. Let's look at how you can scale content marketing with a 1-person team!

5 Killer tips for scale content marketing without a staff!

Content Marketing Calendar – The first step is to get incredibly organized, and by this we mean creating a content marketing calendar. This is where you plan out your new content at least 6 months in advance, in order to coordinate with your other marketing initiatives simultaneously.

Curate content – Don't forget to take advantage of content curation, where you publish valuable pieces you discover on the Web to your audience as well, (attributing them!) while offering your own insights and takeaways as well. This is a great way to build your own authority in Google's eyes, and it takes a LOT less time to accomplish!

Don't be afraid to outsource – One easy way to get some help is to outsource a portion of the work. Although this is an added expense, it's not as much as you might think, and will help you tackle areas where you may not have a lot of expertise, such as video, images and more.

Repurposing content – Your magnificent blog post might also make a fine video, slideshow, infographic or podcast. Don't limit yourself here, and you'll find loads of new readers, visitors and links coming your way!

Promote your content – A huge part of making your content marketing plan work is promoting the content itself. Simply creating it is only half the battle. Set up a system whereby you promote each piece via social media and other avenues immediately upon publication, and with paid traffic when appropriate.

Working as a 1-person marketing department is definitely a challenge, but using these techniques, you'll obtain a lot more success than you might think!