How to Utilize Conversion Optimization

You may have heard of conversion optimization but were worried that this fell somewhere into the practice of dark arts. Not so. Optimizing your pages and offers for conversion is the smart way to make the most of your current traffic, and be prepared for when you get even more traffic.

Conversion optimization is simply the practice of fine tuning various elements of your pages, offers and marketing for the best results possible. This isn't an overly technical task, but more of an adjustment (hopefully) to pieces you may already have in place.

With these goals in mind, let's take a look at some of the best methods to ensure your pages and offers are optimized.

What to Consider When Doing Conversion Optimization

Use the proper keywords – Making certain you are utilizing the proper keywords for the page the right way is essential for not only making sure you are found in search, but also social media and video. Optimize for one main keyword and a few select secondary keywords, so as to best focus your search results.

Testing – Test it all. Colors, headlines, calls to action, copy; it all plays a part in getting the clicks and conversions. Also, be sure to test one item at a time, and constantly tweak until you're happy with the results. Testing multiple items at once though expedient leaves doubt as to exactly which item is responsible for the improvement or failure.

Use videos – Lately, studies are showing that it's much more likely to get a conversion if the visitor has viewed a video. And it's only going to get more prevalent: by 2018 75 percent of all web traffic will be video oriented in some form or fashion. Get going with video now!

Be mobile ready – Since more than half of all Web search is now emanating from a mobile device of some sort, it's necessary to make sure your pages and offers are mobile-friendly. This is easy to get done, and can pay huge dividends. Also, make sure your hosting renders your mobile pages quickly, as mobile users are highly impatient.

Use social proof – Nobody wants to pull the trigger without at least feeling as though they've gotten some third party proof that this is a good idea. This is why 85 percent of people visit at least 1 one social network before pressing that buy button. Use social proof in your offers, and respond on social media immediately.