Facebook Ads

In the world of paid advertising Facebook Ads have grown to be the number one tool for marketers wanting to get their offers and content in front of vast audiences for a reasonable cost. When compared to other pay per click platforms, such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads are a Godsend, delivering a powerful tool at your disposal.

Imagine being able to dial in a highly targeted audience based on interests and behaviors and have your ads up and running, bringing you new leads and sales in just hours. That can happen, but you need a little knowledge to make it work. Here are 5 tips that will help guide the way!

5 Tips for maximizing your Facebook Ads

Master precise targeting – Facebook is the industry leader when it comes to being able to precisely target your advertising audience. Using tools like Audience Insights directly integrated into your advertising platform, you can direct your ads to niches as small and specific as you want. This is the single most important skill to master in Facebook advertising.

Use Mobile and Desktop – Right now the best converting ads are the desktop ads and mobile. Right side ads can work, but test your offers carefully there. Since mobile is now used more than 50 percent of the time to access Facebook, it makes no sense not to use it.

Segment and Daypart – Parsing out your audiences into specific segments you can reuse makes it easier for you to market long term. Also, look into the new feature of dayparting on your ads, delivering them only when your customers have the best shot at seeing them.

Don't use tired creative – Use vivid and compelling images for your ads. This can take a bit of time, but the right images will sell you ad far better than any words. And please don't use images that have been used over and over.

Investigate lookalike audiences – Facebook's ability to create a “lookalike” audience based upon your fans, email list, and other factors is a goldmine waiting to be found. Use this before your competition does!