5 Tips for Video SEO

We all want to get our videos seen by as many people as possible, and the easiest way to do that is by using what has become known as Video SEO. The truth of the matter is, it's really not all that hard to get first page rankings for your videos if you follow the basics, and soon be reaping the benefits that a page one ranking in YouTube or Google (or both!) can bring.

Toward the goal let's take a look at 5 tips for Video SEO you may not yet be using.

5 Essential tips for Video SEO

Create a great video – The easiest way to have your video rank well is to create the best one you can. This will by itself generate views, links, like, subscribes and embeds, and could go viral. Don't settle for less than excellent videos.

Do keyword research – If you wish to rank for a specific keyword, you'll need to do your research to ensure that you are targeting the best phrases you can. This will allow you to find other keywords you can use in your description, tags and other videos as well.

Optimize your titles and descriptions – Using the previously mentioned keywords in these is extremely important, as well as being sure to include any links you'd like people to visit at the beginning of your description, along with the YouTube video link at the end. This is so that if anyone uses your content, you'll be linked back to.

Get social signals – A major part of ranking videos these days is the presence of social signals. Shares, views, embeds, channel subscribes and comments all play a big part in where your video winds up. Do not artificially inflate these with fake views and comments, as these are easily discovered and will not help your cause.

Backlinks – Most times doing the above steps is enough to get you the rankings you desire, but sometimes it will be hard to rank a video without acquiring some backlinks. The better links and more legitimate they are the better, and this can help energize your rankings fast.