5 Tips for Marketing Your Small Business on Pinterest

If you've begun to market your small business on Pinterest, then you are almost certainly aware of the enormous opportunity that 70 million eager to buy presents. While Pinterest has literally exploded in size over the last few years, it's still a bit of a Wild West Show, and more and more methods are showing up detailing just how to reach these people.

Pinterest has exploded both in growth and also as a marketing platform in a somewhat short amount of time, and what's been proven about this audience is that although it may be skewed largely female, it is a great buyer's audience. If you have a product or service that is visual at all, (or can be) you need to get it on a board on Pinterest fast!

We've scoured our sources and found 5 great tips for marketing your small business on Pinterest. Start using them today!

5 Useful Ways to Market your Small Business on Pinterest

Join Pinterest Groups – Locating board groups in your market can help you speed up the engagement and connect with more followers. There is a free tool called PinGroupie that will help you find relevant groups. After you've joined a few of these, be sure and offer great value to the group.

Make a Blog Board – Creating a blog board is a cool way to notify your followers automatically of your newest blog posts. Optimize for search and you'll be amazed how many will find you in Google. Be sure to write a good description and use a compelling image.

Check Out Who is Pinning Your Competitor's Pins – It would stand to reasons that those who are pinning your competition will likely also be interested in what you have to offer. Be sure and follow them, and see how many follow you back.

Optimize Your Descriptions – Since you have only about 75-100 characters that show up in the grid description, it's a good idea to craft a description that employs your primary keywords, and pertinent information. This is not, however, a place to sell!

Consider Adding Text to Images – Overlaying text onto your images converts much better than straight images. This will necessitate editing your image in image editing software, but in some niches these will return another 50% worth of engagement. I'd say that's worth it!