5 SEO Mistakes Even the Pros Make

It's all too easy to screw up your own SEO, and if you've hired somebody else to do it for you, that doubles the pain when they also make these sorts of mistakes. (You just paid for it!)

Whether do it yourself or hire your SEO out, you need to be aware of what not only just doesn't work, but also what may indeed be counter-productive, and damage you even more.

Let's have a look at 5 SEO mistakes that are easy to make and often hard to undo.

5 SEO mistakes to avoid no matter what!

Misusing keywords and anchor text – Today the Google algorithm has wised up to the point where it can sniff out attempts to game the rankings with keyword manipulation from a mile away. The best practice today is to use keywords naturally on your pages, utilizing related keywords and synonyms, and diversifying your anchor text accordingly, using natural combinations, naked URLs, and some generic terms like “click here”.

Avoid using Tags – The primary reason you'll need to avoid the use of tags is that they automatically create a duplicate content issue for you. Use categories instead. And if you use a tag cloud you've only compounded the problem by using valuable front page real estate as well.

Don't use Flash – In the quest for some stunning visual effect, many designers are tempted (or forced) to use Flash. The harm done to your SEO and mobile can make it very unwise to do this.

Not optimizing for Mobile – Since more than half of all web users now get here via a mobile device, you must make sure you recognize and account for this. Google also now devalues unresponsive pages in search with the label that your page “May not work on your device”.

Poor internal linking – The spate of recent Google updates has made this one of the last bastions of effective on-site SEO that really works well. Strive to make your site user friendly in this respect, and this is one area to not be shy about using keywords. (With prudence and diversity, naturally!)