5 E-Commerce Solutions You May Want to Look Into

Opening up shop on the internet can be a fearsome task if you're unfamiliar with all the tech involved, and who is? Particularly when you are looking at e-Commerce solutions and payment portals. Unless you've dealt with this kind of software before, you are pretty much in the dark about what you need and how much it should cost.

To help diminish this task a bit, see these 5 e-commerce platforms for you to begin your search. There are many more, certainly, but these are solid solutions that will get you started.

5 Terrific E-Commerce Solutions for startups

Volusion – Volusion is a good place to get your feet wet. Very economical at just $15 a month and no transaction fees, they have lots of of templates, a powerful website builder, along with numerous other features including SEO built right in, and a shopping cart, as well as 24/7 support.

Square Market – If you want a solution fast, then Square Market could be right for you. You can be accepting sales within a few minutes, with a surprisingly large number of features as well. You can use your own logo, imagery and more. They are a mobile ready solution, with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a more expensive choice. They don't charge a monthly fee; only 2.75% per transaction.

Shopify – Starting at $14 a month with no transaction fees, Shopify is another choice at the entry level. One nice addition from them is Shopify Mobile (Shopify's own mobile credit card reader) and Shopify POS (Shopify's iPad point-of-sale system) which let you be making sales on the road or wherever you are.

WooCommerce – If you are using WordPress as many of us are, one of the best choices available would be WooCommerce, which effortlessly integrates into your existing WordPress site, and can take advantage of the many plugins and advantages WordPress has to offer.

BigCommerce – One of the initial and now serving the mid-level market and over 55,000 websites, BigCommerce has a lot more features, but can also be a tad more complicated. Primarily designed for mid to high volume businesses. Prices start at $29.95 with a 1.5% transaction fee.