4 Tips for Great Content Marketing

Content marketing is a vital component of any B2B marketing strategy. Savvy marketers devote time and money to developing various types of content, including white papers, webinars, tweets and blogs, which appeal to and engage their audiences. But are marketers getting the most out of their content?

Here's The 4 Tips for Great Content Marketing


1. First up is analytics, which should be attached to everything when possible.

Delivering useful content to potential leads is only the first step – the analytics on how they interacted with that content can be a marketer’s most powerful ammunition.

2. Businesses should also deliver a consistent message to their audiences.

While content should be personalized and customized depending on the channel, it is important that the core message remain unchanged.

3. Next, organizations should recycle what they’ve created.

Content is expensive to create; therefore, it is foolish to only use it once. Repurposing content can be the easiest way to increase its value and ROI.

4. Finally, timing is of the utmost importance.

This will determine exactly what type of content you serve up to your prospects and when. Marketers need to understand where the customer is in the buying cycle and deliver appropriate content accordingly.