3 Simple Ways Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Can Be Better

Photo Credit: Jason Howie/flickr

Everybody really loves simple, especially when simplicity tends to earning more while paying less. Whether that's spending less money-or time-or both, really isn't the issue. What is the matter is that the end goal of every effective social media marketer should be to spend less while earning more. Once again, earning can come down to earning money, earning shares, earning fans, earning leads … whatever. Simplify your terms and you can simplify your actualities.

Three Ways to Make ease of Your Social Media Marketing and Still Earn

In preserving with our theme to keep it very easy, here's three simple things that every social media marketer should be doing to earn more (of whatever) whilst spending even less (of whatever).


Schedule All of Your Posts for Larger Portion of Time

If I were to ask you right now what your post scheduling appears like, would you answer daily, weekly or every month? It doesn't matter. Go much bigger considering that in the end, the more time you free up in your daily routine will optimize your gains moving onward. For many of us with time management concerns, social media posting becomes a “when I'm online” or “when I have time” perspective, that's terrible. Your audience is online at specific times and that's when your posts should be going up, not when you believe it's convenient.

So spend an hour at the beginning of each week scheduling your posts for the whole week. Once you're doing weekly schedules, spend a half-day making up your monthly posts. You'll be stunned at how much spare time you have when you don't have to worry about posting to your social media sites. Try using Hootsuite to bring together all of your social media campaigns and put them on sked with success. Spend less, earn more.


Relate Social Media Accounts Together

Piggy-backing off of that last point, it's a great idea, and a total time-saver, to post all of your social material for sharing onto various accounts through the medium of just one control panel or dashboard. You can use programs such as Buffer (which lets you combine your Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn content posting) or any other number of tools.

You can also link your social media accounts together via the actual social media (Facebook updates go straight to Twitter, etc.). The thing here is that the fewer clicks and copy/pastes you are doing, the more quality time you are saving. Of course, it's still great to aim for your market per the particular social media network, so don't make every single thing the same all the time, mix it up. Spend less, earn more.


Keep Automating Personal

To expand that last detail a bit further, you don't want to seem like a machine that just spits the similar information out at the same time across the very same platforms each day. Light variations will help give your operations a more personal contact, as will thanking people for follows and likes. Surely, this can get a little bit overwhelming so you can “cheat” the program by automating your personal thanks.

JustUnfollow is a fantastic program that instantly sends a customized message to a fresh follower, providing a pleasant impression for the user that they won't get with other businesses. However, nothing beats an actual custom thank you, especially when the aspect of the “reach out thank you” is to get them to reach back in and contact you. Try promoting them an exclusive promo or deal during the reach out and you'll be amazed at how many more leads come reaching in. Spend less, earn more.